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The Alpenkorps was the elite of the German Army. As a lightweight unit, the Alpenjäger advance to close proximity of the enemy using the "Scharfschütze" as cover and the recon plane as guidance. The "Aufklärer" scout will then take care of the nearby enemies as the "Überwacher" observes their positions.They can use their recon plane to scout the enemy trenchlines. This recon plane will show any enemies on your minimap for your entire squad, but not the whole team. They also have more stamina than any other squad type.

In the recon squads, both AlpenJäger and Chasseurs Alpins, you can spawn on any member of the squad, as long as they are near a spawnpoint. You will notice if you're next to a spawnpoint when there is a text with "[number] squad reinforcements can spawn near you." This is another unique ability the recon squads have.

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