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There are 4 different gamemodes in Verdun, this list shows them all.

Frontlines Edit

The Frontlines game mode is the main game mode of Verdun. It aims to recreate the tug of war Trench warfare of WW1. You play on long narrow maps where each side in turn attacks and try to capture as much ground as possible to push the enemy deeper in to the map. You always play in squads of 4 people with their own abilities, weapons, uniforms and roles.

Rifle Deathmatch Edit

If you fancy some Rifle Death Match, also known as RDM in shorthand, you can join friends by the friends list if their in a round or join a match via “Find match” - “Rifle Death Match” and choosing a game or starting a new one. You can choose by clicking the map around the red circles or join a random game via “Play now”. When you join a match you will have to choose the rifle or carbine you wish to play with, you can also choose one attachment if you’ve unlocked it.

Attrition Edit

If you want to play a round of Attrition just choose the game mode on the menu and select a match, by click a helmet around a map name or use the "join now" button at the top of the screen. You can choose both a primary and secondary weapon and attachments for those that have them. You can unlock more choices for all categories by spending career points on those with a lock over them.

Squad Defence Edit

Is a co-op mode with 1-4 players holding a trench against waves of bots. You can choose any squad at the start of the match and change roles and loadouts between waves. You can resupply ammunition and grenades as well with ammo boxes, walking up to them and pressing R but be careful as they only have 1 use per player per wave. There's also the field telephone which allows players to call in artillery, a player with the most kills in a wave gets 1 use of it and it can be saved up.

If a player is killed they will respawn after the wave is over, if all members of the squad are killed the trench line will be lost and they will move to the next line. Same thing will happen if the bots over whelm you and capture the trench, so stay in it to help hold it! The match will end when the last line is lost. ==