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Fight around the infamous "Four de Paris" in the Argonne near Verdun..

Description Edit

This medium-sized map has four trenches that can be captured. There is a large no-mans land in the middle. An environment created from actual trench maps. The map is loosely based on the four-de-paris area in the Argonne forest north-west of Verdun. This map features a French and German trench system with a no-mans land in between resembling a classic WWI trench warfare scenario.

Sectors Edit

Sectors(Left to Right):

  • 1. Assault Headquarters
  • 2. Assault Communcation
  • 3. Assault Fallback line
  • 4. Assault Supply Line
  • 5. Assault Jumpoff Line
  • 6. No Mans Land
  • 7. Fleury First Line
  • 8. Fleury Supply Line
  • 9. Fleury Second Line
  • 10. Fleury Communication Line
  • 11. Fleury Reserve Line

Description of the map Edit

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  • Playable Area: 20.000m²
  • Length: 250m
  • Ground Type: Dry Dirt
  • No. Trench Lines: 6
  • Average trench-trench distance: 39m
  • Timelimit: 18:17
  • Momentum threshold:45 Kills
  • Initial Attack/Defend time: 2:30
  • Gamemodes: Frontlines, Rifle Deathmatch, Attrition, Squad Defence.